NYAV12: The Part-Time Audiophile Finds a "Tour de Force" at WBSNYC

Michael Fremer Listens to Vinyl at WBSNYC RoomThe Part-Time Audiophile had some kind words about his time in the Wes Bender Studio NYC room (and nice photos too!) at this year's New York Audio & AV Show. There, he found more than a room, but rather a "tour-de-force".

In his Confession, the Part-Time Audiophile said, "You have to give credit where it’s due...Bass power. Treble clarity. Mid range draw. It was unreal! Well done."  With such a glowing review, we'll have to overlook the little mistake over the Redpoint turntable. 

Apparently, while the Part-Time Audiophile was there, a full-time audiophile, Michael Fremer, came by and played some of his records on the Redpoint MG. We must agree with the Part-Time Audiophile:  "That man knows his vinyl and he’s a hawk for good sound."  Indeed.