WBSNYC: One of the 10 Best Sounding Rooms at NY Audio & AV Show 2012

Jeremy Kipnis at Home Theater Review called the Wes Bender Studio NYC room "one of the best sounding rooms" of the whole show at NYAV2012.

"Listening to a Wes Bender Studio NYC system is like putting yourself in the hands of a master. This year's NYC debut of the Hansen Audio Prince E loudspeakers was yet another triumph for him, as the sound produced in the small hotel room was amazing." Jeremy said in his review.

Jeremy noted the exceptional "strong positive reaction to the visual design" of the Hansen Prince E speakers and the Redpoint turntable and the "controlled, well-balanced, and vivid" sound "even during the most monumentally loud moments from the great vinyl set-up."

Men tend to outnumber women in many aspects of the audiophile world. And that makes this observation by Jeremy all the more significant: "These speakers kept drawing cooing sounds from all the women in the room. They simply loved it, petting and admiring the smooth silver surfaces."