Entreq — Energy Transforming Equipment

To quietly go where no man has gone before…

This is a bold and wide reaching statement but it is essentially Entreq’s essence and spirit and is at the heart of all the products they produce.

Per-Olof Friberg, owner of Entreq has his roots in farming and has a lifelong passion for music. His story is one of evolution; from farmer to specialist audio innovator, designer and manufacturer.

Nature is the best conductor.

The secret is not a secret. Per-Olof & team utilize as much natural materials in their designs as possible (and avoid plastics and metal whenever able). There are many small details working together required to come up with their final designs. In all of Entreq’s components, they strive to remove outside pollutants that cause distortion & noise (EMI, etc). It is for this reason Per-Olof developed his own ground boxes -- “because we wanted a clean earth”.

Ground boxes:

Why use Entreq Ground Box’s? Simple. You will get an improvement in dynamics, a lower noise floor and a more natural flow in the sound.

A clean and effective ground point is one of the most important factor’s in ensuring the best possible sonic platform for ANY HiFi system. Problem with electricity is that it’s present all around us:

digital sources with their switching power supplies and wall wart transformers kitchen appliances like your toaster and microwave oven lighting fixtures (LED, halogen, incandescent, floursecent, etc) and dimmer switches computer and mobile phone power supplies and chargers Most things in our homes run on electricity. These devices pollute the current and make it messy which results in a great deal of high frequency noise and stray voltages. This noise seeks the easiest most direct path to the earth (ground). Problem is along the way, these currents can instead find your dishwasher and laundry machines, counter tops, pipes and of course, your audio components AND audio rack (all of which create audio pollution in the form of large magnetic fields which can result in less than optimal sound reproduction.

But to get to the “point”, when you connect your system to an Entreq groundbox, you offer the high frequency stray voltages a ground point to where they can “find peace”, instead of flowing around out of control in your system.

Entreq offers several ground box designs. Among their most popular are the Tellus and Minimus boxes.


This is the ground box for those looking to experience full system grounding (including if applicable, grounding your audio rack). Designed to handle up to six ground cables connected to the ground station.


Essentially a smaller version of the Tellus models and with only a single ground point (for use with a limit of two dedicated cables). Used separately or along with a Tellus, we find the Minimus to afford excellent performance grounded to a digital source component.

Regardless of whether your system is large and complex or simple, Entreq offers a grounding solution to accommodate.

Wes Bender Studio is proud to represent Entreq. We feature their award-winning Silver Tellus grounding box here at the studio (which has 30% more silver in its proprietary mineral mix and capability to handle up to 8 devices). Reach out to experience Entreq!

The Entreq Silver Tellus grounding both of our Stillpoints racks & components in our system at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Entreq Silver Tellus grounding both of our Stillpoints racks & components in our system at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.