Redpoint Audio Design

Your heart does not beat in ones and zeros.

Redpoint knows that analog audio remains the only real path to realistic, coherent, glorious sound your ears, mind and heart can listen to for hours without fatigue.

Silence is golden.

The more you hear from a turntable, the less music you hear from a record. Years of research and experimentation have proven the ironic truth that a massive, suspensionless design rendered in aluminum, brass, stainless steel and Teflon is the best path to hearing more music and less of the equipment required to play it. More mass, wielded correctly, means less resonance and more stability. If the music is the message, then we endeavor to be its invisible messenger.

The Model D

The Redpoint Audio Design Model D begins with a solid billet base of aluminum and features the more advanced 2" Teflon Composite platter damped by silicone oil & shot. However the Model D features distinctive, rare and sonically superior black teflon.

Full silicone & shot damping is also employed in motor pod that houses the battery-powered 12V DC motor with precious metal brushes and sleeve bearings. A custom-designed arm pod awaits your chosen tonearm (also fully damped by silicone oil & shot).


Additional arm pods may be purchased to accommodate additional tonearms. Finish options are available, including custom metal platings, luxury automotive paint and anodized finishes. Total weight: ~150 lbs., depending on options.

The Model MG

Muy Grande'  The Redpoint Model MG turntable is bigger and has more mass than the Model D.  Like the D, the base, platter carrier, motor and arm pods are machined from billet aircraft aluminum.  But the MG is 40% taller and has 30% more mass.  That brings substantially more passive damping to the MG -- especially in the base.  The larger size and increased height of the components also provides larger damping cavities.  And it allows for more silicone oil and shot for active damping throughout the turntable.  A 2" thick insert of rare black Teflon tops the aluminum platter carrier.  The entire Teflon and platter carrier assembly receive a patented dry vapor cryogenic treatment by Cryogenics International.  The platter rides on a precision stainless steel and brass bearing.  The Redpoint Model MG comes with a stainless steel record weight filled with shot & silicone oil.  And it is finished using high grade automotive paint per customer specifications.  Custom colors are available at additional cost, upon request by specification.

The Model XX

The Model XX is the culmination of over 12 years of research and design and, more importantly, extensive listening tests. With its custom designed, hand-built stand, the Model XX's weight approaches half a ton.

The added size and mass of this turntable provides dramatically more damping than the Model D or Model MG. Like all Redpoint turntables, the base, platter carrier, motor and arm pods are machined from 6061 T651 aircraft aluminum from billet.  But the XX pushes all the parameters and principles of Redpoint Audio Design to the limit.

The turntable sits on a stand designed and built exclusively for the Redpoint Model XX. The stand is visually stunning, but is far more than a pretty thing on which to put a very heavy turntable. The stand was developed to further extend the mechanical refinements and sonic benefits of the turntable itself. Of course, it does also carry all 650+lbs of the Model XX in graceful stride.



Blakhole Isolation Feet

Resonance Control that Eliminates Vibrations and Reduces Interference

Redpoint designed and built the Blakhole to be just that: a black hole to suck away vibrations and interference and resonance from your audio components Blakholes clear the sonic sky for sound that has greater clarity and better definition -- especially in the mid-range and upper register frequencies.

Blakholes cause a startling focus of imaging and enhancement of the soundstage’s width and depth. If you are new to isolation and resonance control products, the dramatic impact of such a small and relatively inexpensive device must be heard to be believed.

The effect of Blakholes is tunable by strategic placement and choice of the quantity of Blakholes. In some cases, more Blakholes used in concert on a component will yield better results. Other times,  simply moving one or more Blakholes to a different spot will do the trick. Often, placing a Blakhole directly underneath the areas of the electronics chassis that exert the most weight is a good starting point.  Blakholes are sold in sets of three.

Blakholes under our Apple MacBook Pro (used as a digital source).

When I questioned Dan Meinwald about the feet he had positioned under his MacBook Pro, he sang the praises of the Red Point Black Hole feet. Dan was so enthusiastic about how much of a difference these feet can make that I immediately determined to try various spare feet I have on hand under my MacBook Pro and external HD to see what works best.

—Jason Victor Serinus / Stereophile Show Report 


We recreated the iconic cover from Donald Fagen's groundbreaking The Nightfly LP here at the studio as an homage to the ever-enduring turntable.  We have several pressings of The Nightfly, including the original Mobile Fidelity reissueand they all sound different! Stop by for a listen and compare them all on a Redpoint turntable!  

Released in 1982The Nightfly was one of the first pop projects recorded entirely in the digital domain.  Largely autobiographical, the liner notes contained a message that read Note: The songs on this album represent certain fantasies that might have been entertained by a young man growing up in the remote suburbs of a northeastern city during the late fifties and early sixties, i.e., one of my general height, weight and build. - D.F.  Nominated for several Grammy Awards in 1983, the Wall Street Journal declared it "one of pop music's sneakiest masterpieces".  We agree.