Marten High Fidelity Loudspeakers

Form following function in beautiful harmony.

Wes Bender Studio NYC proudly represents Marten high-end speakers exclusively in New York.

Marten brings together the Swedish spirit of form follows function in beautiful harmony. These speakers begin by reproducing sound strictly as recorded — without coloring or distorting it with false softness, warmth or fullness. But Marten’s don’t just reproduce reality in a vacuum—or lab. Marten speakers reproduce reality in a real, living space. So, it’s easier to place them in a room and get outstanding results. Most other high-end speakers perform less and less well the further they get from their sterile testing environments.

Clean, elegent Swedish design ensures that Marten speakers are a joy to behold even when silent.

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Marten FormSeries

The FormFloor may be affordable, but it's also a genuinely high-end 2-way floor standing speaker offering striking looks and excellent sound reproduction.

Marten's least costly speakers offer startling performance rivaling speakers from competing manufacturers which cost upwards of 3x that of the FormFloors.   Despite their dimunitive footprint (which is ideal for a serious music lover with limited space or a smaller listening room) the FormFloors will provide a musical experience that is both near full-range (36 - 40,000 Hz +-3dB) as well as dynamic and soulful.  In addition, the Forms feature a componenent selection that truly belie their pricepoint: Accuton woofers, reference grade crossover networks and ribbon tweeters.  We invite you to compare the FormFloors against ANY speaker with similiar specs - regardless of price.  The Forms deliver an experience that will not only delight ANY music lover, but will also be kind to your wallet (allowing one to upgrade other areas of your system, or invest in more music!).    After experiencing the Forms here at the studio, CNET's Steve Guttenberg (The Audiophiliac) posted an enthusiastic rave declaring the FormFloors as cutting-edge speakers married to high-tech design....  Read his review here:   

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...being svelte two-ways made for excellent room/speaker interaction that was, to my ears, excellent. ...triangular in shape and jaw-droppingly gorgeous. At $6500/pair, the smallish Form speakers immediately struck me as perfect high-performance speakers for the design-conscious hi-fi fan. Edgy Euro-styled faux-industrial loft-living your thing? Your new speakers have arrived.  

- Josh Ray / Sonic Flare

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Marten Django Series

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