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The Hagerman Audio Labs Trumpet Reference Phonostage

the new Hagerman Audio Labs Trumpet Reference tubed/solid-state phono stage ($7200) combines visual elegance, high build quality, exceptional sound, and (wired) remote control of its unusually complete feature set.  

-Michael Fremer / Stereophile Magazine

The Hagerman Audio Labs Trumpet Reference is a truly reference-class phonostage for the most demanding of audiophiles. Based on the original Trumpet (Stereophile class-A recommended component) it adds pushbutton control of all functions, a second input, and upgrades many of the components. The chassis has also been changed to reflect the reality of equipment racks by putting the power supply and amplifier boards in a side-by-side configuration. Status LEDs on the front panel indicate operational settings of the various functions. In addition to standard RIAA equalization, three other curves used in the LP "microgroove" era have been included. In addition to the front panel accessibility of all functions, the Hagerman Audio Trumpet Reference also provides a full function remote control -- enabling fine-tuning from the listener's chair. This combination of features, convenience, and sonic performance are unmatched at this price.

Photo: Wes Bender ©2013


About the original Trumpet Phonostage, Michael Fremer said:

“The Trumpet proved competitive in direct comparisons with the Lamm Deluxe, with an open, airy, detailed, and thoroughly intoxicating sound ... bass was very well-controlled, texturally coherent, and exceptionally nimble ... pacing and rhythmic flow were stellar ... In short, the Trumpet sounded stunning, and was a total pleasure to listen to—which is what I did for hours.” —Michael Fremer

In April 2013, Fremer posted:

“Hagerman Kicks It Up More Than a Few Notches With Trumpet Reference MC/MM Phono Preamplifier”

“Spotted in the Wes Bender Audio room the new (Jim) Hagerman Trumpet Reference MC/MM phono preamplifier ... If it sounds as good as it looks it will sound fantastic!” —Michael Fremer

Henry Wilkenson had this to say:

“I have had the opportunity to hear the Hagerman Trumpet Reference on several occasions. What I heard made a very favorable impression on me. The soundstage was wide, deep and fully populated. The images within the stage were clearly delineated. The sound wasn't particularly warm nor was it cold. The Trumpet seems to just get out of the way and allows you to hear just how good your turntable and cartridge really are. The instrumental timbres were rich and full. Bass performance was outstanding. This phono stage will have you reaching for your best recordings, it's just that good. I believe that the Trumpet Reference is yet another landmark product from Jim Hagerman.” —Henry Wilkenson