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E.A.R. | High-End Audio Electronics by Tim De Paravicini

The most exacting and accurate electronics and amps ever made.

Wes Bender Studio NYC proudly represents EAR high-end audio equipment exclusively in New York.

Tim De Paravacini is the Gandalf of hi-fi. The man behind E.A.R. Yoshino and the go-to guy for anything tube electronic related is, without a doubt, one of the world's greatest sorcerers of sound. -Danny Kaey / Sonic Flare

There are very few modern designers in the audio field who can claim as much as Tim de Paravicini. No aspect of the recording and reproduction chain has been left untouched, no aspect of circuit design unresearched and underdeveloped. Where many manufacturers make inflated claims, EAR and de Paravicini make electronics equipment that defends itself as the most exacting and accurate.

Tim de Paravicin's designs make a defensible position where competing products offer only hyperbole. It stems from the simple premise he follows: If he designs it, it must be a better design than anything else, or he will not manufacture it. His sole goal is taking audio to the furthest possible point of development.

All EAR components are truly original—including custom designed and manufactured transformers, metal work, etc.

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