GamuT Audio


Literally named for the “full gamut” music spectrum. GamuT Audio flew under the average U.S. audio consumer’s radar, but it’s origins go back 30 years or so. Born in Denmark’s pro-audio / studio industry, GamuT quickly became highly regarded there and throughout the EU. Since then, GamuT continues to receive an ever-growing mass of critical acclaim and garnered many accolades.

…it was never anything other than wholly captivating.
— John Bamford, HiFi News

WHAT HI-FI called the GamuT D3i/D200i Pre/power amplifier “easily one of the best we’ve heard” and gave them both five star ratings. GamuT’s RS3 floor-standing speakers won a HiFi News Editor’s Choice in 2014. Reviewer John Bamford said, “The speaker proved so wonderfully descriptive of the textures and timbres of acoustic and electronic sounds that it was never anything other than wholly captivating.”

Although aesthetically clean and simple, their electronics and speakers utilize truly state of the art design and execution, incorporating some fairly unique and radical technology and thinking. Stereophile put GamuT’s RS7 loudspeaker on their August 2015 cover. It is GamuT’s second from the top speaker in their flagship “RS” series.

GamuT’s use of Scanspeak drivers is also unique in that their RS Series of speakers were literally built by the designer of the drivers as well as the speakers. No other speaker manufacturer utilizing Scanspeak drivers can make this claim, nor has another speaker design paired with these proprietary drivers enjoyed such synergy—resulting in musical coherence such as GamuT‘s RS series.

GamuT Loudspeakers

GamuT's speaker designs are aesthetically arresting.  While their looks are acclaimed, GamuT's designs are first and foremost creations of form and function.  Every element of their physical design is incorporated for a singular purpose - to stir the soul sonically of passionate music lovers.

GamuT has three separate speaker lines: RS Series (Revised Superior), M'inent Series  and the affordable Phi Mk2 Series.   Regardless of price, all three lines offer tremendous value and performance, while still incorporating the handsome Danish aesthetics in their designs.

We have the RS3 and M7 speakers on display here at the studio and feel that these models will give a broad perspective of the GamuT family signature. 

High-End Audio Furniture with a Modern Design

GamuT is a subsidiary of one of Denmark's leading manufacturers of high-end luxury furniture—Kvist Industries.  One of their most acclaimed chairs "The Lobster Chair" is very desired for its mid-century / modern design which incorporates iconic elements from the past as well as cutting edge "Danish Modern" design.   

Since wood is at the core of all of GamuT's speaker designs, they have set aside their own proprietary forest in which they grow and their own sustainable wood source.  The flagship RS series utilize upwards of 20+ layers of solid hardwood layers assembled in a proprietary heat press, which enables them to create organic enclosures that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also contribute to their sonic performance prowess.  These designs are created to operate in much the same way a fine hand made violin or guitar is crafted and the "tone woods" selected afford a unique signature that is both dynamic yet relaxed and musical.

The World’s First HiFi Listening Chair?

The first high-end listening chair created to minimize reflections from the surroundings. Instead of having acoustic sound treatments on the wall behind and next to your listening position, the GamuT Lobster Chair effectively dampens these. The effect is shocking— The soundstage presentation becomes more precise and natural, the speakers virtually disappear and the music springs to life in your living room.

Based upon a Danish Design classic

The Lobster Chair, designed and manufactured by GamuT’s main share holder—Kvist Industries. In close collaboration with Kvist, GamuT has changed the damping material and surface of the Lobster Chair, to accommodate special acoustic dampening material, resulting in an extremely effective sound treatment, while maintaining the Lobster Chair’s breathtaking beautiful design and comfort.

The result: Iconic luxury design, superb comfort and amazing sound. The price of the GamuT Lobster chair remains the same as the standard Lobster chair!

 Available with Red or Black acoustical headrest fabric.