Stereophile's Stephen Mejias: No Limits to Wes Bender Studio NYC

During his review of the New York Audio & AV Show, Stereophile's Stephen Mejias wrote that there are "No Limits to Wes Bender Studio NYC".  True, he might've liked some "limit" on the volume at which he heard ZZ Top's "LaGrange". Even so, he felt that it "showed the showed the system could rock and snarl" and said "the sound was nevertheless clean, clear, and detailed, without being harsh."

Then, Stephen played "a personal favorite, James Blake’s 'Limit to Your Love,'" and noted that "the system had no problem controlling the low bass."

Stephen summed up by saying, "Wes Bender Studio NYC clearly cares about the way things look and sound. The components here shared a clean appearance and worked together for a big, bold sound."