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Digital Without the ‘Digititus’

Audiophilia Reviews the Lindemann 825 High Definition Disc Player

This past week, Audiophilia’s Henry Wilkenson reviewed the Lindemann 825 High Definition Disc Player. His favorable review featured two themes:

First, if you haven’t of the Lindemann nor the 825 Player, you probably will. He writes:

You may not have heard of this player, or of Lindemann, but keep your ears out for a big sound from this quiet company.

Second, don’t expect to hear much of anything from the player itself. Wilkenson heard more of sonic attributes of the other components in the system than from the Lindemann 825 digital player “because it is quite neutral.” He seemed to be most pleased with what he didn’t hear:

What I didn’t hear from the 825 was edge, glare, or the ‘digititus’ that often afflicts CD players.

Of course, Wilkenson seemed to like what he did hear too:

The 825 is quite analog-sounding. Its treble is extended and clear…Bass response is deep and detailed. I cannot recall hearing any CD player in the 825’s class that goes deeper or with better pitch definition.

For the review, the Lindemann 825 served up Clapton’s Layla, I Shot The Sheriff, and Lay Down Sally and a couple from Coltrane too: Blue Train (from Blue Train, Blue Note-CDP7243853428 06) and Equinox (from Coltrane’s Sound, Atlantic Jazz–1419–2).

The Lindemann struck an excellent balance between clarity, detail, and tonal balance that at once provided the timbral weight of the guitar and the leading edge attack of the notes, underscoring Clapton’s highly articulate playing.

The Coltrane tunes underscored a “double-edged sword” of the Lindemann 825’s resolution and neutrality: a great recording will sound truly great, but the 825 doesn’t hide flaws in a less than stellar recording.

As a music lover myself, I really take notice when a piece of gear helps a person really connect to the music. So, it really resonated to hear Wilkenson say:

While I always found the 825 to be quite neutral, I was struck by its ability to allow an emotional connection to the music.

Read the entire review at Audiophilia.

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