Audiophilia Visits The Studio

Martin Appel at Audiophilia came by WBSNYC to give a good listen to the stunning Zesto Leto linestage and Zesto Andros phonostage. Martin’s review confirms what our ears also find true: Zesto makes fantastic gear that is as effective as it is sonically unobtrusive; and the Zesto linestage and phonostage pair very well with Viola Audio Labs amplification and Hansen Audio loudspeakers.

But before relating his findings, Audiophilia Editor/Publisher Anthony Kershaw and Martin both cut in to say a few candid and kind words about me and about what we’re doing here at WBSNYC. I have great respect for Anthony, Martin, and Audiophilia. They continue to inform and inspire me. So, I send a heartfelt thank you to them for saying what they’ve said and doing what they do.

Meanwhile, in the listening room at WBSNYC… Martin got reacquainted with the Zesto line and phono stages he first met in the WBSNYC room at the New York Audio and A/V Show 2012. We listened to several CDs served up by the Lindemann Audio 825 High Definition Disc Player through the Zesto Leto linestage into Viola Audio Labs Symphony amplifier into Hansen Audio Prince E loudspeakers connected with Jorma Design/Unity interconnects and speaker cables. We listened to vinyl on a Townshend Rock 7 turntable with an Omega Silver Ruby tonearm bearing a Transfiguration Axia cartridge through the Zesto Andros PS-1 phonostage into the same amplification and speakers. Martin seemed to really like the Impex remaster 180g pressing of Ellington Indigos.

Martin described his listening experience eloquently and aptly:

…it was apparent that the Zesto equipment in the loop created a synergy that enhanced the already excellent sound… Blending the Viola solid state amp with the Zesto tube equipment seemed fortuitous allowing the Hansen Prince IIs to show off their full range capabilities.

He also said that the sound, “had a rightness to it that was difficult to put in to words.” We experienced that same rightness when we added Zesto to WBSNYC.

Perhaps one of Martin’s most telling compliments is that he said:

I only wish I could have stayed longer to further enjoy the experience. Time flies when you’re having fun.

We agree.

Read Martin Appel’s full review of his visit to The Studio at, it’s part of the “In the Trenches” series.