Wes Bender Studio NYC Room: A Clear Favorite for Michael Levy

Audiophilia's Michael Levy found fine sound at other locations at the NY Audio and AV Show. But he said, "I clearly had a favorite, the Wes Bender Studios room with the Hansen Prince [E] loudspeakers w/Viola electronics, Jorma cables, Redpoint turntable and Lindemann Audio CD player".

Michael went on to note that the WBSNYC room "passed all of the hurdles." "Imaging was wide and open. " He added that, "bass and treble extension were excellent, sounding dynamic, detailed, and smooth." Importantly, while he found that instruments and voices were present with "fine detail" he noted that they were "clearly evident, but, as it would be in performance, not pronounced."

Michael's review of the New York Audio and AV Show 2012 is at Audiophilia.com.