Audiophilia's Martin Appel Returns to WBSNYC to Close-Out CES 2012

"One room where we visited more than once was The Wes Bender Studio NYC room."  Martin Appel said that the whole system at WBSNYC was "on par with the best that we heard and Wes was as cordial a host as one could want." He thought the new Prince E's sounded "superb" with the Viola electronics, Redpoint Turntable and Lindemann CD player.  Martin also noted that the Kaplan Cable power cables and power conditioning as well as the Jorma Design interconnects mad a "substantial contribution."  

"Paul Kaplan, from KAPLAN CABLE, Peter Clark, from REDPOINT and Paul Jason of VIOLA were available to answer any questions you could throw at them."  We can only imagine the many questions thrown at them.

Perhaps, most telling and the most compelling words in his review, "I spent my last evening closing the room."