Ultra High End Review Covers Wes Bender Studio NYC at CES 2012

Ultrahighendreview.com took notice of Hansen, Lindemann, Viola Labs, and Redpoint Audio Design in the Wes Bender Studio NYC Room at CES 2012.

"Wes Bender NYC sponsored a room featuring the US debut of the Hansen Audio The Prince loudspeakers ($39,000/pair) and the world debut of the Viola Audio Crescendo preamplifier with integrated DAC ($19,000), which was handling input from a MacBook Pro. The speakers were powered by the Viola Audio Forte monoblocks ($19,000/pair)."

"Vinyl was spinning on a Redpoint Audio Designs Model D ($29,000) with Tri-Planar Ultimate Mk VII tonearm ($5000) and Dynavector XV-1t phono cartridge ($9250). The phone stage was a Wavestream Kinetics Deluxe ($7995) (not shown)."