Of all the trade shows and audio fests I have attended over the years…none has left a more indelible impression that the gear presented by Wes Bender.

His ability to affect the listening experience is simply amazing, because he knows how to cater to his clients, and with equipment that stokes the senses.
— Besflores Nievera Jr., Music Direct
Wes Bender presented a visually and sonically impressive system that packed the listening room.
— Stephen Mejias, Stereophile
Wes Bender Studio NYC once again hit it out of the park sonically.
— Henry Wilkenson, Audiophilia
Wes Bender created a state of the art listening experience…
I have a clear favorite.
— Michael Levy, Audiophilia
Wes Bender set up a
standout room.
— Key Kim, Stereo Times