Great sounding audio starts with you.

Wes Bender Studio NYC starts with you and ends with you. The first thing Wes will do is talk with you about the music you enjoy listening to, the equipment you use, your listening environment, and what aspects of your music experience makes you most happy or causes you the most concern. Only then can we start thinking about the best and most meaningful solutions for you. Sometimes those solutions are about better use of gear you already have, better placement of components, or better room treatment.  Sometimes there's a single component dragging the whole system down.  Sometimes it's time to consider a new system.

We believe that you know better than anyone else what you like and what you don't like about your current listening experience. Our expertise lies in intimate knowledge of and experience with the panoply of ever-evolving, ever-changing high-end audio equipment and how each component affects the system. We're able to translate the things you like and don't like about what you hear from your audio system into an understanding of what you are getting or are not getting from specific components and aspects of your listening environment. And that can make all the difference.

One elephant in the listening room that's seldom mentioned is the fact the top-end of high-end audio components are often distinguished more by subtleties of "differences" than by crude standards of "good"/"bad" or even "better"/"best". If you have a high-end audio system, you likely have some outstanding equipment. The problem may be less about having one "great" piece of gear versus another, it may be about having something that is "different" in just the right ways to achieve the sound you want or to best match other aspects of your system. It's often far more appropriate to talk about the "differences" of one component from another rather than simply which make and model is "better" than another. And the implications of these "differences" for your system are huge. Sometimes these "differences" can accumulate or even work at cross purposes with other components (and their differences)—and ultimately can cause your system to perform at less than the sum of its parts. We get this and we can help.

Our approach is to first understand your current audio reality and needs, and then consider possible solutions to those needs second, purchasing new gear, when necessary, only becomes helpful and meaningful after those first two steps. So, it really does start with you. And it ends with you too because the ultimate test is whether you hear more of what you've always wanted to hear from your music.

It starts with you.  Send us a note and tell us about your musical world.